A Chakra Clearing session is conducted like a Reiki session where you are fully clothed and comfortably laying face up on  a massage table.  All you do is relax, listen to the sounds of the stream, birds or music depending on where your session is taking place. You might feel sight sensations in your body at times, experience daydreaming, or even fall asleep. Reiki (Rei- spiritual wisdom, ki- energy) is gentle, harmless, natural, relaxing, and balancing.

This session specifically concentrates on clearing and opening the main energy centers/Chakras in your body.  Intuitive scanning above the body called Byosen Reikan Ho and Shambala Reiki is used to clear the blockages and to restore energy flowing in and through the Chakras. 

A pendulum is used as a tool to read the energy flow in the Chakras before and after the session.  It is held above your body and moved slowly down your centerline while you watch its reaction above your Chakras. Being able to see the difference between the two readings  allows you to relate to the fact that the energy flow inside of you has changed. We conclude the session with a discussion of this experience from your and my perspective. All questions are welcome.

As in a Reiki session, the energy will continue to flow for days afterwards.  Once a blockage has been cleared, energy will start and then continue to increase flowing to and through all the Chakras.  Remember to drink lots of water after a session.


Chakra Balancing (in person):  30 minute appointment-  $35

Reiki & Chakra Balancing (in person):  60 minute appointment-  $75

Call, text or email Brenda for an appointment at your earliest convenience.  717-979-5620  burnsvalleyherbals@gmail.com