MAY 22, 2021 10AM-4PM

Burns Valley Herbals and Retreat, Doylesburg, PA 17219

Registration- $65 
Contact Brenda 717-979-5620


Kelly Marsico: All About Medicinal Mushrooms
Get excited to enter the world of medicinal mushrooms with Kelly. At the end
of this workshop, you will be able to identify several varieties of mushrooms,
learn their benefits, how to use and grow them. Mushrooms will be available
for sale along with inoculated packs to grow at your home.

Nidra Yoga

Experience the relaxing and meditative aspects of Nidra Yoga with Kelly.  While she guides you to release stress and tension throughout your body, stay focused on listening to her voice. It can be easy to doze off otherwise.  

Brenda Solonoski: Smudge sticks & Nature Mandela
Choose from several recently harvested herbs to customize a smudge stick of your own creation. A chart with herbal healing and magical properties will be available to assist your decisions.  What to braid sweet grass too?

The Mandela is a group art project.  Throughout the day, find an item(s) and add them, plus your special creative energy to complete the Mandela.

Johanna Monko Geister: Earthing: One of Gaia’s Best Medicine
Since we are made up of energy, Johanna will touch upon our body’s subtle energy system and why using the Earth element to ground yourself is one of
the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways to bring yourself into a calm and centered state that has many health benefits. She will then gently guide us into a Grounding Earth meditation that we can use as we move forward in gratitude for the gifts of Mother Earth.

Jill Reed: Land Blessing Channeled through Gaia
Gaia has presented herself in personified form so Jill can hear her pulse… which Gaia translates into words. You will hear her spoken word. Sound and song will be part of the ceremony, so come prepared to harmonize with Mother Earth.