Join us on January 16th @ BURNS VALLEY HERBALS & RETREAT, Doylesburg, PA to find your center of PEACE & stand firmly in it as we step into 2021. 🌸
THIS IS A HYBRID EVENT offered as both an in-person workshop & online via ZOOM. Seats will be limited to 10 to allow for appropriate personal space. We will take your temperature & require masks whenever indoors. EARLY REGISTRATION FEE is $55 if you contact Brenda Solonoski by 1/11/21.
🌼The PEACE segment of THE MOVING FORWARD HEALING SERIES will put you in touch with your inner Resilience so you move forward with a sense of harmony & serenity. Group Activities will unite our Energy & spread collective calm.
🌼A GUIDED SELF-HELP ENERGY FLOW by me, Jill Reed, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine to open you up to the core of your essence & Source Light. 🌼 I will also demonstrate Intuitive healing guided by the Archangelic Realm with a retreat participant!🌼
🌸Set your Sankalpa, or resolve, for 2021 through AMRIT YOGA NIDRA with Erica Jo Shaffer of Wildly Crafted Woman. Johanna Monko Geister will supplement the Yoga Nidra with REIKI to add an extra layer of peace.
🌼 Brenda Solonoski will teach about HERBS that will ground you in your resilient nature through their inherent calm energy.
🌸Kathy Starsinic-Bass will present SACRED OILS that connect from their soul to yours to encourage continued tranquility.
🌼You can contact Brenda @ OR
717 979 5620 to arrange registration payment by PayPal or via check. Checks can be sent to the location of the event @ 23460 Burns Valley Road, Doylesburg, PA 17219.
🌼Online tickets can be purchased for the entire event or for separate 1-hour segments of your choice. You can contact Brenda to register online when we update you with the hourly schedule.
🌼A Sacred Oil that will be mixed to match the Peace you digested from the day’s activities by Kathy.
🌼Calming & Soothing Herbs & Teas made @ Burns Valley Herbals & Retreat.
🌼 Lavender scented Eye Pillows by Nancy Mayne of Creek House Creatives.