Reiki (Ray-key) is the universal life energy flowing through the body that deeply affects one’s physical, mental and emotional being.  You remain fully clothed and comfortably lay face up on a massage table as your entire body is intuitively scanned (Byosen Reikan Ho) with hands moving a few inches above your body.  While listening to the sounds of water, birds or music depending on where your session is taking place, you might feel sight sensations in your body at times, experience daydreaming, or even fall asleep. Reiki is gentle, harmless, natural, relaxing, and balancing. It can also assist in maintaining optimal health. 

Lighterian Reiki- remote

Lighterian Reiki offers the highest vibrational energy serving to assist wellness with health issues. This session does not require you or the person you are requesting the service for to be involved in person or on a zoom call.  Please note that if the request is for someone other than yourself, their permission is required. 

Within 2 business days of receiving your request by text, call or email,  a Lighterian Reiki session will be initiated. The session usually takes about one hour and notes are taken about the session. A text will be sent letting you know the session took place and asking for a day and time that is convenient to speak with you. A follow up phone call is preferred to discuss the session since it allows for a question and answer time. 


Reiki (in person):  30 minute appointments- $40

Reiki (in person):  60 minute appointments- $70

Lighterian Reiki (remote)- $58

Chakra Balancing (in person):  30 minute appointment-  $35

Reiki & Chakra Balancing (in person):  60 minute appointment-  $75

Call, text or email Brenda for an appointment at your earliest convenience.  Cash, Credit Card, PayPal & Venmo payments are accepted.  717-979-5620