Reiki (Ray-key) is the universal life energy that flows through the body that deeply affects one’s physical, mental and emotional being.  One is fully clothed and comfortably relaxes laying face up while the entire body is scanned (Byosen Reikan Ho -illness intuition method) a few inches above the surface & cleared of energy blockages thus restoring energy flow throughout the body. 
Chakra Clearing
Chakra Clearing opens the main energy centers in the body utilizing Reiki.  A pendulum is used to read the chakras before and after the session so you will actually see the difference between the two readings.

Remote Lighterian Reiki

 Text, call or email Brenda with your name, issue(s) if any, email address, and phone number.  Within the next 2 business days a Remote Lighterian Reiki session will be conducted for you.  A description of the session will be emailed or can be communicated in a phone call. Brenda does prefer to be able to relay the information during a call since it allows for a question and answer time.

Reiki :  30 minute appointments- $40   

Reiki:  60 minute appointments- $70

Remote Lighterian Reiki- $58

Chakra Balancing:  30 minute appointment-  $35

Reiki & Chakra Balancing:  60 minute appointment-  $75

Call, text or email for appointments or with any questions.