Greetings from Burns Valley Herbals and Retreat!
We hope all is well with you and your families and anticipate you are ready to spend way more time outside of your house or apartment this year. The piles of snow are almost gone, and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of warmer weather. A few private events and monthly day retreats called The Moving Forward Healing Series have kept us busy throughout the winter months. Now we are looking forward to the start of our next remodeling project. The old but sturdy log cabin is scheduled to get an external facelift, new wood stove, new flooring and possibly the addition of a loft bedroom. We hope to have “The Cabin” available for Retreat and Airbnb guests this summer. Outdoor showers have also been discussed. A Yurt is now on our “in the near future” wish list. Time will tell how much we will get done this year as we have already planned two trips out west. 

Two more statues will be placed at new locations on the property this year. We anticipate guests will enjoy searching for them as much as they have enjoyed finding the other special features located around the grounds.

A Fun Day with Friends is something new being offered this year. Two, four or six guests can spend several hours in this beautiful valley exploring and enjoying the healing power of this land and nature. Participating in various fun activities with or without your Furry Friends (Dogs) is also an option. Disc Golf, Forest Sensory Experience, Chakra Clearing, Reiki
(for dogs too), Herbal Garden Tour, Walkabout Plant ID, and/or making a dreamcatcher, herbal candle, bath soak, sugar scrub, custom herbal tea or smudge stick are some fun options available to include in your group package. Individuals can also request additional activities if time allows. Snacks and drinks are also provided upon request. 

We are currently accepting bookings for small group outings and/or retreats. We offer daily and overnight outdoor and indoor facilities. Feel free to contact me with your needs. We are very accommodating and have a variety of equipment to assist with special requests but are set on having group sizes of under 50 guests.

Hopefully, you will find time this year to attend at least one Fun Day with Friends, a retreat, camp in the field or woods, or reserve a couple days in the Lower-Level Suite, The Tiny House or when ready, The Cabin. There are a couple private events already scheduled. See the schedule posted below. Check back monthly for activity updates in the Retreat section of this website and please share
the information with your friends and family. The more the merrier. 

All the best, always,