I hope all is well with everyone. There has been a lot happening here at Burns Valley Herbals and Retreat since my last blog.  The Summer Solstice was held on June 19-21, 2020.  As we all came to realize, a deep cleansing of the earth and of all of us was required before the Solstice Ceremony took place on Saturday at 5:43.  This area was the only section of Pennsylvania that received torrential downpours for hours on Friday evening.  Sometime the rain was so loud it was hard to hear Megan from The Wild Hymns beautiful voice offering entertainment for the group.  Several campers moved indoors and looked forward to workshops and events offered on Saturday.  An herbal garden tour, custom tea blending workshop in the pavilion and yoga in the newly remodeled pole barn was held by yours truly.  Creative Expression, Summer Solstice Energy, Intentions and Ceremony, art, and intuitive henna were conducted by Raine Dawn Valentine from Creative Expressions.  This fun and eventful day concluded with a drum circle around the bonfire at the far end of the pond and then highlighted with a beautiful firework display.  A wonderful time and energy exchange were had by all. Be sure to click on the link below to watch the beautiful video review of the Retreat produced by Raine.

The next Revive, Refill & Refresh Retreat was held August 14-16, 2020. This Retreat proved to be something other than we had anticipated.  It turned out this retreat was unintentionally designed for the well-being of the Practitioners/Vendors that attended.  Everyone came to the same realization on Saturday, which several people voiced at the end of the afternoon mediation. 

 Many workshops were held throughout the weekend to the enjoyment of all.  Auria Faith offered Active Listening, Visualization meditation with essential oils, and Reimaging pain through visualization.   Johanna Geister’s Introduction to Energy Anatomy was highly informative and as the sun set, she offered a beautiful Restorative Yoga with Reiki. Joanna Baker’s Guided Meditation for Group and Energy Healing was followed by Herbal properties for custom tea blends, respiratory steams and smudge sticks by me. The group got to make their own items to enjoy at home.   I also did a garden tour and plant ID on Friday. Marlin Peters’ Energy Tools Producing Vitality and Relief from Pain and EMF harmful energy was well received by the group. Several of his various sized Tensor Rings were tested and sold throughout the weekend.  Jill Reed was extremely busy offering her amazing and quite insightful Stone Readings all weekend.  Raine Dawn Valentine shared Sacred geometry-Art as a Healing Tool and offered intuitive henna to the delight of many in attendance.  She also wrote a wonderful review of the Retreat that can be accessed at the link below. 

Art & Nature of the Soul Retreat will be the next event held here September 18-20, 2020. We are especially excited to experience a special sound Meditation with Josh Maurer and intuitive painting with live music lead by Katelyn Buchan. There is still time to register at the link below. Please note temperatures and Covid waivers are taken upon arrival. While outdoors masks are optional.

Wishing you all the best, especially good health.