Greetings from Burns Valley Herbals and Retreat!

I am so excited to announce and for you to see what Austin, a nature designer, has added to the ambiance of this land.  

Austin was the one who moved several boulders in place to use as seating and created the fire pit in Flowing Hollow.  

After adding several solar lights to highlight the steps and path, it was time to initiate the area. And we LOVED IT THERE!

He created a wood carving of a dragon in a large tree root on the Upper Road. Amazing, huh?  

Also, he delivered a totally awesome 6-foot wood sculpture of a raccoon climbing a tree.  This phenomenal work of art can be found on a short walk to the overlook.  It is truly impressive and looks great there.

A big THANK YOU to Austin for creating both beautiful pieces of art and for your help in Flowing Hollow.

Stay tuned for our upcoming invitation to see these areas in person and attend an upcoming day or weekend retreat. Take care, be well, and make the best of your time in quarantine.