Hopefully all of you are still healthy and have kept busy during this COVID-19 lockdown. Lots of preparation has been taking place at Burns Valley Herbals and Retreat. Watch for upcoming retreats and for the Airbnb lower level suite and camping to open when we are out of quarantine.  Several new campsites and a walking path have been cleared in the woods by the upper creek.  Wait until you see the beautiful waterfalls that have been highlighted.  There has been at least one large rock or log seat added there so you can relax and take time to enjoy the sounds and beautiful scenery.

Speaking of seating, a big thank you goes out to Austin for moving the extremely large and heavy rocks in place in Flowing Hollow to provide seating around his newly created fire pit.  It is a lovely private area perfect for conversation, meditating or small fire ceremonies.

Hope to see everyone soon.  Stay safe.

All the best,