Greetings from beautiful Burns Valley!
The Art & Nature of the Soul Retreat held here September 18-20, 2020 was an enjoyable weekend offered by Raine
Valentine and Katelyn Buchan. The special sound Meditation with Josh Maurer, Yoga with Chelsea Parcels, Sacred
Geometry with Raine, and Intuitive Painting with live music lead by Katelyn were a few of the special highlights offered.
Plenty of scheduled free time allowed attendees to also paint landscapes. All works of art created were presented on
the last day for everyone to see. Many new friendships developed besides artwork this weekend.

 “HOPE”, the first retreat held in The Moving Forward Healing Series, was held November 21, 2020.  Participants created their own custom tea blends and bath/foot soaks for general wellness and detoxing under my guidance.  Johanna Geister discussed facing and moving through loss and grief while participants created personal journals.  She led a “walk through the year” meditation to assist releasing and clearing what was to be left behind in order to allow forward movement into the new year.  Jill Reed discussed various Archangels and offered a short meditation. Kathy Bass created and presented to each participant a small vial of specially blended sacred oil appropriately named HOPE.  Besides discussing essential and sacred oils, she offered handouts outlining more information on various sacred oils. Jill anointed everyone with an oil and introduced Sigils to the group. At the end of the retreat some of the participants scheduled readings with Jill or Chakra Clearing with me while Kathy made personalized sacred oil blends.

2020 continues to be a year of lifestyle changes, losses, lock downs and illness. Navigating through this time encourages releasing what no longer serves you, adapting to new conditions and finding value, joy, and healing with family, friends, and Mother Nature. Peace is the theme for our next retreat scheduled in January 2021. Watch for more details to be announced soon.

 All of us at Burns Valley Herbals and Retreat wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.  


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